Dirty Ugly Punk Monkeys

Dirty Ugly Punk Monkeys “Now for something completely different” 4 big kids from Surrey addicted to Baked Beans, mineral water and monkey nuts perform like no other band you have ever seen before, If you have a dislike for Chris De Burgh, Atomic Kitten and Culture Club and other s*** like that you will LOVE those loveable rogues Dirty Ugly Punk Monkeys.


Take loads of popular songs that some call classics but that most lateral thinking people think are a load of soppy s****, let the Dirty Ugly Punk Monkeys at them inject their unique sense of humour and you have a breathtaking assault on your senses with the these crap songs played the way they should be.


After watching the Dirty Ugly Punk Monkeys Punk Rock will never be the same again – probably one of the funniest bands out there on the scene – no songs are sacred – punked up versions of Nothing Compares to You, No Body Does It Better, Karma Chameleon, Faith are a few of the sh*** songs given a unique new lease of life by these guys – check them out on


Great for all types of party’s and even funerals (well maybe not)….


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